Bestia DTLA - Chatting with Chachi from Blue Cut Aprons

Posted on November 20 2015

Bestia DTLA - Chatting with Chachi from Blue Cut Aprons

We sat down with one of our favorite neighbors and designers, Chachi from BlueCut Aprons, and got a look behind his fashion line, how he got started, and what his favorite thing to eat at Bestia is.

So, why aprons? Give us a little scoop on how you got started and why? We’ve been in the denim game for so long, which is why chef’s came to us back in 2009 to develop aprons for them. There wasn’t anything available to them other than the humdrum linens, or super pricey aprons. We very much liked the energy of the culinary world, and with the help of our close friend Chris Miale, we developed BlueCut Aprons. Our goal was to offer custom products encompassing fit and function, which allows the chefs to look stylish.

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