BlueCut + Nik Sharma Cooking Package

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We’re excited to teams up with the james beard-nominated cookbook author, writer, and photographer, Nik Sharma, to create a curated home cooking experience inspired by his latest cookbook, The Flavor Equation: The science of great cooking explained + more than 100 essential recipes    

The BlueCut x Nik Sharma Cooking Package marries the emotion of valentine’s day with an interactive cooking journey that draws upon each of the key senses of what makes up “The flavor equation.” The experience is complete with keepsakes such as two of BlueCut’s most beloved linen aprons and an autographed copy of The flavor equation among other personal touches from sharma to ensure a fool-proof culinary celebration.

According to Nik, we rely on senses and feelings for both the creation and enjoyment of food: sight, sound, mouthfeel, aroma, taste – with emotion and memories heightening each sensation. Together, we’ve put together a package that brings together each of these elements for a memorable and delicious and Valentine’s Day dinner.

  • Sight | Two blueCut aprons: grey lucca & crimson lucca linen aprons featuring antique brass hardware, handcrafted in California
  • Mouthfeel | Autographed copy of The flavor equation and with a meal plan incorporating a recipe from each of the seven flavor notes categorized in the cookbook: Brightness, Saltiness, Fieriness, Savoriness, Sweetness, and Bitterness
  • Taste | Wine pairings for each course
  • Aroma | Extract recipe for a natural aromatherapy (flip to page 47 in The flavor equation and dab on your palms!)
  • Sound | Custom Spotify playlist to enjoy while cooking and savoring the meal; just scan the QR code

 *Only the first 25 packages will include an autographed copy of The flavor equation

  • Lucca Linen Apron
  • 1 Pen/thermometer pocket
  • 2 Signature lap pockets
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Cotton webbing waist straps
  • Lucca Linen Apron
  • Neck Strap: 12” Adjustable
  • Apron: 36”L x 33” W
  • Waist straps: 40”L x 1” W