Bluecut Sj Apron, An Invitation To Cook Korean By Co-founder Karam Kim

BlueCut's co-founder, Karam Kim, designed the SJ apron as a tribute to her mother Soo Ja Choo, and as a way to share a special part of her Korean heritage with others. The apron draws upon a cherished tradition Kim practiced as a child in Seoul, Korea for Parents Day, in which children place handmade red paper carnations, a symbol of love and gratitude, on their parents' chest.

The SJ apron is designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, California and features an illustration of a pink carnations corsage embroidered on a French linen apron in crimson and comes with cotton straps and antique brass hardware. The apron is a beautiful handcrafted piece for the home, celebrating motherhood and rooted in a beautiful Korean practice that can be appreciated by all.

To complement the SJ apron, BlueCut is proud to partner with Krissy Song, Chef & Owner of Zip Banchan in Los Angeles, for a complete Korean cooking experience at home. The SJ apron comes with an accompanying video tutorial for preparing Japchae at home. Those who live in Los Angeles can order freshly prepared, healthy, and delicious banchan meal kits by visiting the Zip Banchan website.

BlueCut is donating 20% of sales from the SJ to The Abundance Setting. Founded by Bever Kim, the James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur, The Abundance Setting is committed to the advancement of working mothers in the restaurant industry, providing resources, mentorship, and meal relief to mothers in need.

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Tutorial For Japchae Rice Bowl By Chef Krissy Song